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From line to the material

"There are several lives within a life. Several areas in the space which play out the balance between space and matter.

My 25 years of working with the body via boxing and fighting taught me about rigor,
endurance, pain.

Studies with Companions of duty in the Art of geometry mean that I developed a taste for precision, the exploration of the space, drawing in 3D, and for creation.

From experience in design with Sananda corp., I explored the production chain, from conception to distribution by way of manufacture.

After 10 years away from drawing and from creation, I discovered the magnitude of the lack and hence the desire to return.

Liberated by the technological advance in 3D print, I return with nonstandard plans, between sculpture and design, shadows and light, between yesterday and tomorrow."

At the begining

Inspired by platonic bodies, a first star collection was born under the trademark Sananda in 2003.

In polypropylene, white or colored, they quickly seduced the press, the decoration boutiques and department stores.

They also inspired interior designers for events like here at Domaine des Ormes to form a starry night in the middle of the cabins suspended in trees.

Sananda 1 bis.jpg

1400 lights sold in Le Printemps, BHV and more than 30 boutiques in France and in Europe.

The unanimous press : Elle décoration, Arts & Décoration, Idéat, Version Fémina, Mon jardin et ma Maison, Le journal de la maison, etc.

Pascal Cathiard

Tel (French): + 33 (0) 6 27 45 43 94

Tel (English): +61 (0) 422 528 443

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