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Our Featured Projects

Tree of life

Forgotten tree of the Garden of Eden, symbol of the promise of a full, abundant and eternal existence.


Legendary creature across many mythologies throughout the World, the dragon represents the best and darkest aspects of ourselves.


In Hindu and Chinese cultures, the turtle is the Totem carrier of Mother Earth and of the equilibrium of the world. The turtle Kuma is the second avatar of Vishnu having come down to Earth to show Man the way, to save humanity.

Mickael and Quantum

Prince of the Archangels, leader of the warriors of light, Mickael represents celestial power.

His wings conceived as an armor or as an ancient shield represent his power and his determination to fight the forces of evil.


Kundalini & DNA

The purity of a luminous spiral rising towards the sky, like a Kundalini.


Galaxy is a wall sculpture that evokes the movement of planets, stars and mise en abime.


Leaving the Matrix, the rhino opens the way for other animals of creation


The Seraphims are angelic creatures flying above God in His Temple in the vision of Isaiah. 

table et chaises
Deva & Alien

A Sanskrit word meaning God and designating, in India, all living beings, Deva represents here the 5 elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Space, symbolized by the 5 spirals of his foot.

Beyond his creations inspired by nature, space and spirituality, Pascal Cathiard can also create unique pieces to be integrated into a specific project for hotels, restaurants, public places, offices, private residences.


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